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Saklı Foreign Trade and Consulting Ltd. Sti

Saklı Architecture

Since its establishment, Architecture has been producing residential, office, mixed-use building, industrial building and hotel projects of various scales in Turkey and abroad.

In the architectural design process, starting from the preliminary project stage, the office turns the right design decisions into a fast implementation project with criteria such as building program, cost, qualified visual perception, relevant regulations, design understanding for energy performance, and harmony with the built / natural environment. He evaluates the experience of planning strategy, settlement decisions, and making accurate design decisions on large and small scales, especially in large-volume housing projects.

In the studio-type working environment, projects are handled at any scale, from city to building, where people touch. At every stage of the design, he pre-forms the building or environment to be obtained at various scales by using 3D design programs and working models.

Saklı Architecture contact: 0262 454 22 30