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Saklı Foreign Trade and Consulting Ltd. Sti


In Istanbul, which is an earthquake zone, you may be living in earthquake-prone areas. Your buildings in the areas you live in may not be old construction and earthquake resistant buildings. In such a case, you may want to subject your building to urban transformation, but you may not know what to do. Getting help from experts and professionals in the field will help you. For this, you need to get urban transformation consultancy service. Experts in the field who will help you in every way will be with you at every stage. Everyone has the right to benefit from the project, which is covered by the law after it has been proved that your building is not earthquake resistant as soon as possible. Municipalities conduct public information and awareness campaigns for urban transformation. Because priority is based on individuals’ benefiting from the urban transformation project with their own will. You can get urban transformation consultancy to live in earthquake-resistant, solid and comfortable buildings.


If your building is not earthquake resistant and you want to transform it, first of all, it informs you in detail about the current opportunities and allowances such as rent assistance or loan you will receive for your building within the scope of urban transformation. For example, if you want to subject your building to urban transformation within the scope of the law, the municipality has to cover your accommodation fee so that you do not become a victim during the demolition of your building and the construction of a new one. Apart from that, the consultants give you information about the legal process. It tells you step by step what you need to do and which institutions and organizations you should contact. In this process, you will have an urban transformation consultant with you in every area you need. Your building’s earthquake risk report will be prepared by consultants.
All personnel working within the urban transformation system are experts and professionals in their field. They will be informative and guiding at every stage of the process in order not to make you a victim. The consultants submit the earthquake risk report they prepared to T.C. They get it approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In order for you to benefit from urban transformation, they will be with you during the re-strengthening and construction phases of your building, during the approval and receipt of license projects, quantity and exploration projects from the municipality. They make the necessary follow-up until the construction permit is issued. Apart from the construction and reinforcement phases, the consultants also provide consultancy and supervision services to the project. After your building is demolished and replaced with earthquake-resistant, modern buildings that benefit a lot from daylight, they will do the necessary work to get your residential title deeds from the municipality and they will issue your residential apartment titles and deliver them to you. Urban transformation consultancy prepares all necessary contracts in the transformation process. Thus, they save you from a great burden and responsibility by using the time carefully and without suffering due to mistakes and deficiencies.
Among the works to be done as an urban transformation consultancy, all contracts between the owners and the construction company are also valid. It is aimed to make your living space more beautiful and comfortable in the urban transformation project carried out to make your building earthquake resistant. Consultants work diligently for this, by joining their day and night. If you want your building as an apartment to benefit from the urban transformation project, but you do not know what to do, the urban transformation consultants will be your best guide at every stage, giving you information on this issue.

It produces projects such as housing, trade and tourism centers in line with the demands of its customers.

With its deep experience in project production and construction, the company offers the most appropriate solutions to its customers’ goals, budget and time expectations.

The elements we consider in the design of these projects are:

User Comfort
Creating Construction Solutions
Environmental Protection
Competitive price
Creating Plus Value
Considering the relevant laws, regulations and user requests, material and technology selection is made for the designs. In case of need, credit or financing studies can also be undertaken for the realization of the projects.

Moreover; While making real estate investments and developing projects, Asyapılan İnşaat offers the consumer a world-class “lifestyle”.